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Learn English

Free English Class
Starting 1/19/2015 to 5/8/ 2015

Montville Twp. Literacy Foundation has offered free English classes of all levels to Montville residents for more than 10 years.  In 2013 we opened an evening section of the advanced English class in order to accommodate working adults. Individuals residing, working, or worshiping, parents of children attending public or private schools, and volunteers working in nonprofit or public entities, within the Township of Montville are eligible for this free class. Currently we have a total of 5 classes that included baisc, intermediate and advanced levels. All of them are either 2-hour classes once a week or 1-hour class twice a week. If you are interested, please fill in one of the following registration forms and follow the registration procedures.

ELL Registration Form: For all levels

Learning a foreign Language is a never-ending journey!

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